Drainage & Excavation

Drainage and Excavation Experts for North Alabama

Without the proper foundational work of drainage and excavation, your landscape investments are in danger of eroding. Turf Tamer, Inc. provides expert assessment, planning and execution of projects that will ensure the safety and beauty of your outdoor living areas.

The soil type, geography and daily use of your property are all factors that determine the types of drainage work that may be required to protect your property investment. It is very important to consider drainage work as a preventative measure when investing in the addition of an outdoor space. Costly problems may arise later if the proper steps are not taken in making sure the intended area is in optimum condition for your project.

Drainage Solutions with Beautiful Results

  • Installation of gutter drainage
  • Proper grading of your property to a sub-surface drainage system
  • Underground capture basins

Excavation Projects with Expert Grading for Erosion Control

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Pathways

We offer a wide range of drainage services, from something as simple as the installation of a gutter drainage system or proper grading of your property, to a sub-surface drainage system to dissipate the water. We can even take you to the level of underground capture basins and the recycling of your rainwater and runoff for beneficial purposes.

Call on Turf Tamer, Inc.’s Expertise for Drainage and Excavation

Excavation and drainage systems are expertly incorporated into new and existing landscapes by our Turf Tamer, Inc. team of professionals, with a passion for excellence. When planning your outdoor project, you can call on our experience and expertise, so you can enjoy that new project for years to come.