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Turf Tamer, Inc.’ s Construction Crews Build to Specifications and Client Satisfaction

Our hardscaping services are guaranteed to  last, and we proudly offer:

  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Decks
  • Retaining Walls
  • Water Features
  • Erosion Control and Drainage Solutions

Additionally, Turf Tamer, Inc. offers an exclusive 10 year warranty on pavers, instead of the industry standard of 1 to 1-1/2 years, for even more durability.



Using Elements Such as Stone and Brick to Enhance Your North Alabama Landscape

Hardscaping is the implementation of garden architecture combining plants, walls, walkways, and even water. This landscaping technique utilizes non-plant based elements as an integral part of the overall design and construction of your landscape, providing more than ornamental grasses, trees, shrubs and flowers to your outdoor space.

Retaining Walls That Tame the Landscape and Protect Your Investment

More than functional, our retaining walls are works of art. Made of modular concrete or natural stone, they are both classic and contemporary in style. We’ll work hard to complement the style of your home’s existing structures and outdoor surfaces while ensuring a design that is integral to preventing erosion, providing easy transitions to steep grades and protecting your investment in plantings.

Sustainable and Beautiful Patios, Entryways and Driveways

Turf Tamer, Inc. is known for unique, custom stonework and specialty brick paving that varies from subtle to dramatic. We use a variety of materials, including concrete permeable pavers, bricks, concrete, and flagstone, some of which carry up to a lifetime warranty. Our designers and crew can create an incredible, low-maintenance outdoor surface that increases the beauty, function and value of your home.

Sustainable Decks for Value, Beauty and Enjoyment

If it’s a deck you want, we’ll design it to be uniquely yours. And, we’ll build it from cedar, redwood or even longer lasting composition materials. Whatever it takes, we’ll make those transitions from inside to outside living beautiful, low-maintenance and perfect for your next dinner party or family get together.

Recent Hardscaping Projects

Our Reputation for Hardscape Construction is the Best in Northern Alabama

Brick by brick, stone by stone, satisfied customer by amazed customer, we’ve built our reputation on solid construction practices and creative, sustainable designs.

What can we do for your landscape? Find out, now.